I Remember You 

Hey. How have you been? 

I saw you in my dreams last night. It was so vivid. You were healthy and happy and full of life. So I thought of you all day today, I kept replaying the dream I had of you inside my head. 

I wonder how you’ve been, I wonder where you are. Or if you’re crazy in love with someone else or if you think about me in random moments, too. 

I don’t think about you all the time. You drift through my mind on occasion. I never know what to do when I’m reminded of you. 

It’s been years, and so much have changed. I’m years older now, than when I was with you. I’ve learned many lessons in life. Life can be exhausting but that’s temporary. It’s hard to stay strong always. But I don’t give up, I’m still here. I’m a bit damaged, a bit broken, but I’m still here, and that’s no small thing. 

I hope you’re doing better. I hope you’re happy wherever you are. I hope you’re surrounded with people you love and people who love you. You deserve all the happiness in the world. 

You should know that I remember you. 

I know it’s selfish, but I hope you do, too.

I hope you still think of me, and you find yourself staring at something that reminds you of me. 

I hope we both find happiness and live our lives to the fullest, remembering each other at times. 

Let’s sit by the fire and tell each other stories.
Of places we’ve been to and people we met.

Of books we’ve read and songs we love.

Of the life we thought we’d have figured out by now.

Of mistakes we made and better mistakes we want to make.

Let’s take moments of complete silence in between.

Because winter and small talk does not blend. And we have all the time in the world.

We’ll take a trip down memory lane.

We’ll look at old pictures of our friends and family, warming our hearts.

We’ll survive winter.